MODEL:     Model RS-500  Plastic caps Folding Machine

                             Model RS-800  Plastic caps Folding Machine




                            ■Applicable Caps: Plastic caps, pilfer-proof caps
production capacity: RS-500  up to 500 caps/min

                                                               RS-800  up to 800 caps/min

                            ■Main technical specifications

  • minimum nominal cap diameter: 24 mm
  • maximum nominal cap diameter: 56 mm
  • minimum cap height: 10 mm
  • maximum cap height: 28 mm
  • production capacity (size 30x20): RS-500 up to 30000 caps/hour
  • production capacity (size 30x20): RS-800 up to 48000 caps/hour
  • Absorbed electrical power (approximate) : 4.5Kw
  •                             ■Features

    • Automatically Filling cap system

    • Automatically detecting the supply of plastic caps

    • Safety Door

    • Caps output counting and auto-switched




    Plastic Caps Cap processed